February Preschool Newsletter

February Preschool Calendar

February is a short month, but one packed full of learning, as we press forward with our educational goals full of fun, engaging activities.

Click on the weekly links below for additional details about daily activities your preschooler may be participating in!

February 1-5 M-Moth, I like to eat woolen cloth!

We will also be talking about music this week. Monday we will introduce the letter “M”, our letter of the week. Tuesday we will be highlighting the number of our month, the number 7! Wednesday is Bang the Drum Day when we be playing with different drums. Thursday we will be focusing on our color for the month: pink (rosado in Spanish). Join us Friday for our pajama day. We will also be discussing the opposites loud and quiet.

February 8-12 N-Nanny Goat, I say na-na from my throat.

Monday we will be talking about the letter “N”, our letter for the week. Tuesday we will be doing activities around our shape of the month: Heart. Wednesday we will be reading and acting out The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Thursday, we will be reading and doing a variety of themes around Audrey Penn’s The Kissing Hand, a sweet story about a kiss on the palm that can remind a child of a parent’s love when they are apart Friday, we will be having special activities for Valentine’s Day.

February 15-19 O-Opossum, hanging by my tail hurts some!

Monday we are closed for President’s day. Tuesday we will be talking about our letter for the week: long “O”. Wednesday we will be doing activities around our science theme for the month: shadows. It is also Flashlight Day, fun night to build a  fort and read a story with a flashlight at home. Thursday is Playin’ Possum Day. Friday is Opposite Day: Day/Night.


February 22-26 O-Octopus, my 8 arms make such a fuss.

Monday we will introduce the letter short “O”. Tuesday will also be reading the book Gentle, Giant Octopus. We will be calling Wednesday “Windsday” as we explore the forces of the wind. Thursday is Go Fly a Kite Day when we will do kite-focused activities. Friday is our 2nd opposite day of the month: Stop/Go, where we will explore the many ways that things stop & go! We also will also be celebrating Dr. Suess’ birthday.


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