Potty Training the Sunshine Way

Is your child ready to potty train?  Children usually learn to use the toilet at home before they start using it at Sunshine House. When you feel your child is ready for underwear, it will be our pleasure to assist you!

Signs your child may be ready to potty training:

  • Shows interest
  • Stays dry for periods of time
  • Knows when they go
  • Shows independence
  • Can undress and dress themselves
  • Can follow three-part directions
  • Can sit still
  • Can walk/run well
  • Does not like to be wet/dirty
  • Communicates needs

Your child will need clothing that they can easily handle.  Bring in several pairs of pants/shorts, underwear, socks, and an extra pair of shoes.  

Our guiding principle is to provide much praise and encouragement. Your child will always be treated with understanding when they have an accident.  We will assist them in changing into dry clothing, as needed.  Your child will be reminded how nice it feels to wear dry, clean clothes.

To help in developing a routine, teachers will walk your child to the bathroom every 1 ½-2 hours.  Consistency is the key when it comes to potty training.  If your child has many accidents throughout the day and for many days, it probably means your child is not quite ready for toileting at school. We will assist them with the toileting process, as long as necessary. Of course, they can also use the bathroom anytime throughout the day by letting a teacher know.

Sunshine House knows that potty training can be an exciting yet frustrating time for many families.  Fortunately, it only lasts a short period of time and we are ready to put in the work to get your child trained!

We look forward to supporting your child during this transition; keep in mind, no child has ever graduated Sunshine House in diapers.

Clothing That Will Help Children Master Potty Training

As with everything, having the right tools are essential. The following will make your child’s transition easier and therefore shorter and more successful:

Elastic-waist, loose-fitting pants

These are recommended over pants with buttons/snaps because they are easy for children to pull up and down themselves. If your child has to struggle it just makes the job harder.

Several sets of extra clothes – underwear, pants, socks and one extra pair of shoes

We want to be able to clean children up as quickly and with as little fuss as possible. Children should never be forced to stay in soiled clothing. We cannot appropriate other children’s clothing. Some adults think leaving a child in soiled clothing will influence them to be more attentive to using the toilet. Clearly, this is adult logic and not the way children think. It is counter-productive.

Clothing That Makes Potty Training Difficult for Children

Some of our favorite style clothing comes in the above forms. Remember, it’s just for a while and you will need to put the following aside for the time being:

Bib overalls or pants with belts, buckles, snaps, or buttons

Tight-fitting pants

One-piece outfits and jumpsuits

Onesie-type undershirts or bodysuits

Dresses, skirts, and tights (It’s just not that easy to hold a skirt or dress up with one hand and pull-up undies with the other!)

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