Letter O: Opossum/ Day & Night

Weekly Newsletter: Opossum /Day & Night
February 19-23, 2024

Here are samples of activities that your child may be participating in this week.

Monday- Closed

Tuesday – Letter Long “O”

How you can participate: Talk with your child about what it means to be friendly…how you like people to be friendly with you.

Book – Possom’s Harvest Moon (on Goodreads)
Phonics – “O says o,o,o,o,opossum…hanging by my tail hurts some.”
Art – Orange O’s
Fine Motor Skills – Playdough O’s
Music – Make some noise

Possum’s Harvest Moon Read Aloud

Opossum Activities

Wednesday – Science: Shadows & Flashlight Day

How you can participate: Turn off your lights and explore the house with a flashlight. 

Book – My Shadow
Action – Flashlight Play
Art – Tissue paper a Flashlight
Science – Exploring Color and Light
Music – Listen and Move

Shadow Activities

Thursday – Playin’ Possum

How you can participate: Have fun taking turns “playin’ possum” with your child.

Book – Epossumonda Plays Possum (Amazon)
Phonics – “O says o,o,o,o,opossum…hanging by my tail hurts some.”
Action – Beanbags
Art – Hanging Opossums
Science – Opossum Taste Test
Music – The Freeze

Epossumonda Play Possum Read Aloud

Friday – Opposites: Day/Night

How you can participate: Take turns with your child playing the opposites game…one says “day”, the other “night”. One says “up”, the other says “down”.

Book – Forest Night, Forest Bright (Amazon)
Action – Tunnel – Opossum Crawl
Art – Day/Night Painting
Fine Motor Skills – Day and Night Necklaces
Music – Cha Cha Slide

Forest Night, Forest Bright Read Aloud

Forest Activities


Scavenger Behavior

Opossums are scavengers, and they often visit human homes or settlements to raid garbage cans, dumpsters, and other containers. They are attracted to carrion and can often be spotted near roadkill. Opossums also eat grass, nuts, and fruit. They will hunt mice, birds, insects, worms, snakes, and even chickens.


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