Your 2 Year Old

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These are our goals and milestones for your 2-year-old to achieve. You can expect that most will be attained, but we must allow for variations in individual growth. Your child may not fully master an item or two and they may surge ahead in other areas. You will receive an evaluation of your child’s progress at 2.5 and 3.0 years.


Social/Emotional Milestones (2s)

  • Treats arrival and departure as routine parts of the day.
  • Demonstrates appropriate trust in adults.
  • Feels good about self & abilities.
  • Able to become involved in one activity.
  • Accepts compromise when suggested by the teacher.
  • Helps put things away.
  • Understands ownership.
  • Follows daily routine.

Video Link- Building Trust

Social and emotional skills will be building in your child from now and well into adulthood. Between the ages of 2 and 3, children become assertive about what they want. Start letting them make their own choices, when possible. They strive for independence, but still want assurance from their parents. A predictable and consistent routine is crucial for their development. 2’s play mostly on their own and strongly defend their territory. Sharing and taking turns doesn’t typically begin until they are close to 3 years old. They also start to understand the feelings of others. Role model empathy for them. Sometimes they become fearful and shy. When the strong emotion has passed, talk to them about their feelings and strategies for coping.


Potty Training Your 2 Year Old?

Tips and Tricks


A Potty for Me! by Karen Katz. 


Physical Milestones (2s)

  • Catches a rolled ball & rolls it forward.
  • Climbs up and down.
  • Claps with music.
  • Moves through space without frequent accidents.
  • Paints with a large brush.
  • Manipulates own clothing.
  • Manipulates small objects (e.g. strings 5 large beads).
  • Scribbles with a large crayon.
  • Experiments with play dough.

Video Link- Manipulating Small Objects

As the 2 year old’s small and large muscles develop, they love to run, climb, and jump. Give them many play opportunities to express these newfound physical skills and continue to allow their gross and fine motor skills develop!

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