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Parents love Sunshine House:
  • Teachers
    • “happy…caring…friendly…attentive”
  • Communication
    •  “phone calls… texts…FB…notes”
  • Environment
    • “inviting…clean…organized…safe”
Childhood only comes around once, don’t get stuck with…
  • schools with in-experienced teachers.
  • schools that don’t adjust to your schedule.
  • schools with crummy communication.

Reviews From Caring Parents
Who Know What You’re Going Through

“Sunshine House is simply outstanding…the staff is amazing. Not only did they prep her for Kindergarten they did it in a way our daughter enjoyed going to school every day.”

– Brian L. 

“Being a first-time parent, I was feeling lost about what my daughter “should” know and when. Parents are always worried and compare, regardless. Since starting at Sunshine House she comes home singing songs, saying “thank you”, and is always happy. The teachers are amazing. Now, when I leave her, I never spend a second worrying about her.”

– Linda W.

“As an educator myself, I highly recommend Sunshine House. They have an outstanding academic program and are phenomenal at building social skills in children of such young ages. All of the teachers are kind, caring, and supportive.
The staff works hard to create a positive environment and the children are greeted with hugs and smiles every morning. Please check this place out if you are looking for a quality preschool and daycare, you will not be disappointed!”

– Sarah J. 

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