Letter O: Octopus

Weekly Newsletter: O- Octopus & Wind
February 26-March 1, 2024

Here are samples of activities that your child may be participating in this week.

Monday – Short Letter “O”

How you can participate: Have your child bring in something that starts with a letter “O” to share at school.

Book – Inside Me Sometimes (buy on Amazon)
Phonics – “O says o,o,o,o,octopus…my eight arms make such a fuss”preschool octopus week
Art- Octopus Noodle Art
Science – “O” Taste Test
Music – Down by the Bay

Octopus Activities

Tuesday – Gentle, Giant Octopus

How you can participate: Practice counting to eight with your child. Start by counting the octopus’ legs.

Book – Gentle, Giant Octopus (Amazon)
Action – “O” cards
Art- Finger Paint an octopus
Science – Octopus Ink Experiment
Music – Ocean Friends

Gentle, Giant Octopus Read Aloud

Wednesday – Happy Windsday

How you can participate: Have your child blow through a straw to move a cotton ball.  Their breath is the wind.  How far can the cotton ball go?

Book – Like A Windy Day (Amazon)
Phonics – “O says o,o,o,o, octopus…my eight arms make such a fuss”
Action – Rhythm Sticks
Art – Wind Socks
Science – Wind Experiment
Music – Swimming in the Sea

Like A Windy Day Read Aloud

Wind Activities

Thursday– Go Fly A Kite 

How you can participate: Go fly a kite.  

Book – Someone Bigger (Amazon)
Action – Parachute with balloons
Art – Decorate a kite
Science – Fly a Kite
Music – Shake My Sillies Out

Friday–  Dr. Seuss Birthday

How you can participate: Read one of Dr. Suess’ books before coming to school or the night before.  

Book – Green Eggs and Ham (Amazon)
Phonics – “O says o,o,o,o, octopus…my eight arms make such a fuss”
Art – Cat in the Hat
Engineering – Stack the Cat in the Hat’s hat
Music – If You’re Happy and You Know It

Green Eggs and Ham Read Aloud

Someone Bigger Read Aloud

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