June Preschool Newsletter

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Sunshine House Preschool June Newsletter & Calendar

Here we are beginning the first month of summer! The weather is getting hot and so are we…hot to polish off your child’s learning, in preparation for next year. We will be directing our efforts toward helping your child have fun experiences and develop critical learning skills. We hope that you will share the excitement with us by taking time each day to listen as your child shares his/her experiences with you.

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June 3-7 Our letter of the week is X – Xerus Squirrel (pronounced Zur-us), my long hair will curl and swirl!

We will also be talking about camping (and experiencing it through our imaginations & hands-on activities). Monday we will be introducing the letter X. Tuesday we are exploring camping gear! Wednesday we are Goin’ on a Bear Hunt and we’re gonna catch a big one!  We will be talking about this month’s community helper, the forest ranger, on Thursday and it’s also our PJ Day and monthly family breakfast, hope to see you all.. Friday we will be creating and eating our favorite camping food, S’mores.  We will disguise our learning in these FUN themes!

June 10-14  Our letter of the week is Y as in Fly, I’m a pest when I try!

We will also be learning about insects in general. Monday we will learn about the letter Y.  Tuesday we will be practicing our counting as we sing Ants Go Marching. Wednesday we will focus our attention on the book The Grouchy Ladybug, by Eric Carle. Thursday we will be developing our science skills as we explore antennae. Friday is Opposites Day: First/Middle/Last.

June 17-21  Our letter of the week is Y-Yellowjacket, my sting makes such a racket!

We will also be exploring the important job bees have and their gift of honey. Monday we will be learning all about the letter Y.  Tuesday we will be talking about bee hives. Wednesday we will be doing activities with honey, including tasting it! Thursday is opposite day: sweet/sour. Friday we will be focusing on number review.

June 24-28  Our letter of the week is Z-Zebra, all my friends call me Reba!

Monday we will introduce the letter “Z”. Tuesday we will be talking about zoo animals. Wednesday will be all about Zebras. Everyone can wear stripes for Yipes Stripes Day on Thursday! Friday we will explore zippers.


Closed for Independence Day
Thursday, July 4th 

Summer Safety
With summer now here, we all try to dress to best survive the hot weather. Clothing and footwear become skimpier. We ask for your help in keeping your child injury-free by dressing them in sneakers or sturdy sandals. Backless sandals and flip-flops are particularly hazardous and should not be worn. We do a lot of running and climbing and your child’s feet need support. Thanks for your help!

There is not enough room in our refrigerator for your child’s lunchbox. We recommend blue ice to keep your child’s lunch cold.

All children can also use the protection of sunscreen. It’s a great idea to make it a part of your morning dressing routine. For a small fee, we will refresh your child’s sunscreen after nap.

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