X- Xerus Squirrel / Camping

Weekly Activities: X-Xerus Squirrel / Camping
June 3-7, 2024

Here are activities that your child may be participating in this week.

Monday –  Letter X

How you can participate: Help you child make a treasure map of your backyard. “ X “ marks the spot for a treasure hunt.

Book: The Busy Little Squirrel (Read Aloud)
Art: X Collage
Large Motor: Body X’s
Music: Days of the Week

Tuesday – Camping Gear

How you can participate: Have a campout with your child in the backyard. What gear will you need?

Book – When We Go Camping
Magic Blanket – Camping Gear
Art – Popsicle tents
Engineering – Camping Tents
Music – The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Wednesday – Goin’ on a Bear Hunt

How you can participate: Sing “Going on a Bear Hunt” with your child.  

Book – Bear Snores On (Amazon)
Phonics – “X says x,x,x,x, xerus squirrel…my long hair will curl and swirl.”
Art – Bear headbands
Science – Goin’ on a bear hunt
Music – Animal Action

Bear Snores On Read Aloud

Thursday – Community Helper – Forest Ranger/Family Breakfast & PJ Day

How you can participate: Talk with your child about what a Forest Ranger does to help protect our wildlife areas and campgrounds.  Wear your PJ’s to school and join us for breakfast.

Book – Scaredy Squirrel
Action – Build a campfire with blocks and red paper
Art – Leaf Rubbings
Science – Camping food taste test
Music – Nutty Squirrel

Scaredy Squirrel Read Aloud

Friday – S’mores Day!

How you can participate: Make some s’mores for dessert at home! X Xerus Squirrel nuts to you squirrel

Book – Nuts to You (Amazon)
Phonics – “X says x,x,x,x, xerus squirrel…my long hair will curl and swirl.”
Action – Musical Instruments
Art – Marshmallow painting
Math/Science – S’more trail mix
Music – She’ll be coming around the mountain

Nuts to You Read Aloud

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