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We pride ourselves in being part of the community since 1984! See what some of our families have to say about their time at Sunshine House!

“My son loves going to school every day. Sunshine House had an immediate warm, welcoming, clean, and most importantly, safe atmosphere. The teachers are very approachable, patient, and caring and know when to step in to teach the kids appropriate behavior. I couldn’t ask for a better place to start my son’s education and feel at ease leaving him for a full day while I work. Sign up for enrollment soon as they normally have a waitlist (because they are just that good!)”


“My daughter absolutely love Sunshine House! Sunshine House has such a relaxed, child and parent-focused vibe, right off the bat. The staff is all so warm and loving, really know the kids, and go above and beyond to make sure every day at Sunshine House is a great one. We have noticed a lot of independence since starting and our daughter is clearly encouraged to do things on her own, like washing hands and potty, in an empowering, positive way.”

Michelle A. 

“Sunshine House is simply outstanding…the staff is amazing. Not only did they prep her for Kindergarten they did it in a way our daughter enjoyed going to school every day.”

Brian L. 

“We absolutely love Sunshine House. We feel that our kids are safe, well cared for, making great friends, and LEARNING a lot. The teachers are also amazing and have longevity at the school. This was our first daycare experience for our 2yo and she loves going. She now sings full songs and knows her ABCs. She is already asking what letters and numbers are and she is not even 3 yet.”


“As an educator myself, I highly recommend Sunshine House. They have an outstanding academic program and are phenomenal at building social skills in children of such young ages. All of the teachers are kind, caring, and supportive.
The staff works hard to create a positive environment and the children are greeted with hugs and smiles every morning. Please check this place out if you are looking for a quality preschool and daycare, you will not be disappointed!”

Sarah J. 

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