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Weekly Activities: Thanksgiving
November 20-24, 2023

Here are samples of activities that your child may be participating in this week.

Monday- Give Thanks!

How you can participate: Talk to your child about what it means to be thankful. Share what you are thankful for and encourage them to do the same.Thanksgiving Activities Bear Says Thanks

Books – Bear Says Thanks
Action – Turkey Waddle
Art – Pilgrim Hats
Game – Stuff the Turkey
Music – If you’re happy and you know it

Tuesday – Thanksgiving Feast

How you can participate: Have your child help you prepare a Thanksgiving dish.

Books – I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a PIE!
Action – Thankful Riddles
Art – Tissue Paper Turkey
Science – Make Butter
Music – Happy Thanksgiving to All

Wednesday – Turkeys/ CLOSING AT 4 PM

How you can participate: Teach your child how to set the table. It is a great math patterning exercise.

Books – Turkey Trouble
Action – Musical Instruments
Art- Turkey Tracks
Large Motor – Knock down the Turkey
Music – The Freeze

CLOSED THURSDAY & FRIDAY : Happy Thanksgiving!

 Turkeys – Fun Facts

A turkey under 16 weeks of age is called a fryer, at 5-7 months they are called a roaster.

♦ Turkeys are the only breed of poultry native to the western hemisphere.

♦ Even without any external ears, turkeys have great hearing.

♦ Turkeys have excellent vision. They have a very wide field of vision (about 270 degrees) so sneaking up on them is no easy task.

They have an excellent sense of taste (weird) but have a terrible sense of smell.

♦ Wild turkeys can fly at incredible speeds, up to 55 MPH but only for short distances. They can also reach fast speeds on the ground, up to 25 MPH. Domestic turkeys are unable to fly.

♦ Sometimes turkeys spend the night in a tree.

♦ Turkeys are apparently pretty sensitive animals. They can have heart attacks from hearing loud sounds or being startled. Near Air Force test areas turkeys are have been studied to drop dead from the sound barrier being broken.

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