Preschool Language Development

One of the most exciting rewards, as preschool professionals, is the amazement of parents at their child’s language development. Not only their leaps forward in individual words, but their becoming conversationalists and coming home singing songs. As their word count expands, so does their comfort in speaking with adults.

As parents, we start talking to our children as soon as they are born, and sometimes before. We long for the day when they will communicate back to us, through language. You are in the best position to assess your child’s progress because you have been in conversation with them, verbal and nonverbal for thousands of hours. Yet, as parents, we also need generalized language standards to judge our child’s progress.

Language is a critical skill that affects all areas of development, not just literacy, and the ability to read and write. Language affects the ability to communicate feelings and to understand the emotional expression of others. It supports thinking and problem-solving, it is also the basis of being physically competent.

As professionals caring for preschoolers, we are often asked if a child’s language progress is “normal”. As with every other area of development, there are ranges of normal. All children develop at different rates, in different areas than other children. Your child might not have a disability, but a delay, that can right itself with time.

After discussing your concerns with us and getting our feedback, check in with your pediatrician and possibly a speech therapist. The Individuals with Disability Education Act allows for diagnostic screening through the Special Education of our public schools.

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