Under the Sea Preschool Activities

Weekly Activities: Under the Sea
August 12 – 16, 2019

Here are samples of the activities that your child may be participating in this week.Under the Sea Preschool Activities sink float science

Monday – Octopus

How you can participate: Have your child bring in an ocean item to share at school.

Book – Toy Boat
Action – Magic Blanket
Art – Octopus
Science – Octopus in Cave Experiment
Music – Down by the Bay

Tuesday – Shark Attack

How you can participate: Look up an interesting fact about sharks and share it with your child so that they’ll have something interesting to add to today’s discussions.

Book – Coral Reef Hideaway
Language Arts – Shark Facts
Art – Shark Hat
Memory Recall – Shark Game
Music – Ocean Friends

Surf & Swim Yoga

Wednesday – Seafood Tasting

How you can participate: Bring in something to contribute to our seafood tasting.

Book – All the water in the world
Action – Fishy, Pokey (aka Hokey, Pokey)
Art – Marble paint a clamshell
Science – Seafood taste test
Music – Mr. Sun

Thursday – Dolphins

How you can participate: Play dolphin in your pool or bathtub.

Book – Sail Away
Action – Ten little crabs
Art – Watercolor a dolphin
Science & Engineering – Making an ocean sensory experience
Music – Listen & Move

Friday – Killer Whales

How you can participate: Hey, how about a trip to Steinhart Aquarium, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, or the zoo, this weekend!?

Book – Baby Whales Drink Milk
Language Arts – Whale Facts
Art – Whales
Math & Science – Blubber Experiment
Music – Down by the Bay


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