Letter P: Pelican

Weekly Newsletter: P-Pelican / Police Officer
March 2 – March 6, 2020

Here are samples of activities that your child may be participating in this week.

Monday – Letter “P”

How you can participate: Have your child bring something to school that starts with the letter “P”.

Book – Animal Patterns
Action – Magic Blanket with “p” items
Art – Feather painting on the letter “P”
Engineering – Pelican Nests
Music – Swimming in the Sea

Tuesday– Wee Willie Winkie Day

How you can participate: Look up the nursery rhyme: “Wee Willie Winkie” and recite it to your child

Book – If you Give a Pig a Pancake
Phonics – “P says, p,p,p,p, pelican…my beak holds what my belly can’t”
Art – Decorate Table cloth for Luncheon
Science – “P” Taste Test
Music – Hand Jive

Wednesday – Princess & The Pea and “P” Luncheon

How you can participate: Participate and/or bring something for our “P” luncheon.

Book – The Princess and the Pea
Rhyme – Peas Porridge Hot
Art – Pea Necklace
Math – Princess & The Pea counting mat
Music – 911

Thursday – Opposites: Stop & Go

How you can participate: Show your child what a red light and green light means when driving.

Book – Stop that Pickle!
Phonics – “P says, p,p,p,p, pelican…my beak holds what my belly can’t”
Art – Stop Light
Coordination – Stop & Go Beanbag game
Music – The Turning Song

Friday – Safety First / Family Breakfast & PJ Day

How you can participate Practice safety: have a fire drill with your family.

Book – Know and Follow the Rules
Action – 5 Police Officers
Art – Police Hat
911 Practice with phones
Music – 1 and 2


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