H: Horses

Sunshine House Weekly Newsletter: Horses / Barns & Stables
December 11-15. 2023

Here are samples of activities that your child may be participating in this week.

Monday – H – Horse

Parent as Teacher: Look for items around the house that begin with the letter H. How many can you find?

Books – Moonhorse
Phonics – “H says, h,h,h,h,h,h, horse… take me for a ride of course”
Art – Horseshoe Prints
Hand/Eye Coordination – Horseshoe Toss
Music – 1, 2 Buckle my Shoe

Tuesday– Candles- The Flame lights the way

Parent as Teacher: Practice cutting strips of leftover wrapping paper at home. The strips can then be used for sorting or pattern-making.

Books – Fritz and the Beautiful Horses
Rhyme – Jack be nimble
Art – Candle wax drawings
Science – Candle burning Experiment
Music – Listen to the Horses

Wednesday- Horseshoes

Parent as Teacher: Help your child practice putting on their shoes by themselves!  They will be so proud.

Books – Oliver West it’s time to get dressed
Art – Paint a Horseshoe
Action- Gallop & Hop around a horseshoe
Music – Animal Action

Thursday– Shape: Star

Parent as Teacher: Include your child in setting the table this weekend and into the holidays…what a great responsibility and a fabulous sorting practice.

Books – Draw me a Star
Phonics – “H says, h,h,h,h,h,h, horse… take me for a ride of course”
Art – Shining Star
Science – Fizzy Stars
Music – Turning Song

Friday- Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

Parent as Teacher: Practice this fun movement song which helps increase coordination.  You can speed the song up a little each time you repeat.

Books – Never let a unicorn meet a reindeer
Action- Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
Art – Finger Paint
Math- Counting Finger & Toes
Music – Old McDonald

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes Song

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