A- Albatross

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Weekly Newsletter: A-Albatross/Marine Birds
September 18-22,2023

Here are samples of activities that your child may be participating in this week.

Monday- *Short* letter A

How you can participate: Practice ball skills (rolling/catching) with your child.

Book – Little Bird
Rhyme – 1,2, Buckle my shoe
Art – Paint an Albatross
Science – Bird Feeders
Music – Shapes

Tuesday – Shape Day: Circle

How you can participate:  Look for circle shapes wherever you find yourself.

Book – Round is a Mooncake (Amazon)
Phonics – ”A says a,a,a,a,albatross…I fly seas and go across”
Art – Ice Cream Cone prints
Literacy – Circle Names
Music – Right around the circle

Wednesday –Opposite Day – Sink/Float

How you can participate: Experiment with the opposites sink/float during your child’s bath time.

Books – Bring on the Birds
Action – “A” Cards, “A, A, What Can I Say”
Art – Water Colors
Science & Prediction – What sinks/floats?
Music – Put your hands up in the air

Thursday – Penguins

How you can participate: Time to give those large motor skills a workout  Help your child build patience and coordination by “walking” like a penguin. Enjoy a giggle together too!

Books – If you were a penguin
Phonics – ”A says a,a,a,a,albatross…I fly seas and go across”
Art – Cotton ball penguins
Literacy – Alphabet Tower
Music – Down by the Bay

Friday – Seagulls

How you can participate: Take a walk with your child and be on the lookout for different types of birds.

Books – Color, color, where are you color?
Action – Magic Blanket
Art – Letter A
Science – Bird Beaks
Music – Listen and Move

Fun Facts about Albatross for Kids
  • Albatrosses drink salty sea water. If you drank sea water, you’d become very sick.
  • Albatrosses gather together in large colonies to mate. Albatross moms usually lay one egg. …
  • Albatrosses eat fish and squid. Sometimes they follow boats to eat garbage.
  • Eskimos hunted these giant birds.


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