We Dig Dinosaurs

Weekly Activities: We Dig Dinosaurs
July 15-19, 2024

Here are activities that your child may be participating in this week.

Monday – T-Rex

How you can participate: Read your child’s favorite dinosaur book or click the read aloud link below.

Book – How do Dinosaurs go to school? (Amazon Book)
Language Arts – Dinosaur Facts
Art – T-Rex Puppets
Science – Pop Rock Volcano
Music – Dinosaurs

Tuesday – Jurassic Park Day

How you can participate: We will be enjoying fun dino-related activities the Jurassic Park activity time.

Book – Bones, Bones, Dinosaur Bones
Letter Review – “D”, “P”, and “J” Body Letters
Art – Dinosaur Craft
Science – Playdough Dinosaur Eggs
Music – If I had a Dino

Make a Dino Fossil at home

Wednesday – Carnivore/Herbivore

How you can participate: Make a carnivore/herbivore dinner. Your child will love eating like a dinosaur! 

Book – Dinosaurs, Dinosaurspreschooler dino art
Letter Review – “D”, “P”, and “J”
Art – Veggie Prints
Math & Science – Graphing our taste test – Veggies and Meats
Music – Scat Like That

Thursday – Pteranodons

How you can participate: Here’s something a little more involved than we usually suggest: cook a chocolate boxed cake mix, with washed plastic mini-dinosaurs in the cake (they won’t melt!). Have your child play paleontologist and go hunting for dinosaurs with a popsicle stick.

Book – Whatever Happened to the Dinosaurs?
Letter Review – “D”, “P”, and “J”
Art – Dinosaur Feet
Science – Icy Excavation
Music – Countasaurus

Friday – Opposites: In Front/Behind

How you can participate: Take turns with your child putting an item in front/behind other things.

Book – How Do Dinosaurs say “I love you”?
Memory Game – Magic Blanket with Dinosaurs
Art – Dinosaur Prints
Science – Dinosaur Nests
Music – A Walking we will go


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