V- Vulture / Vegetables

Weekly Activities: Vulture / Vegetables

May 1-5, 2023

Here are samples of activities that your child may be participating in this week. Click on the “V” pic below for the link to our ASL video.

Monday – Letter: “V”

How you can participate: Have your child practice building the letter V using items around the house.  (e.g ruler, remote control, wooden spoon etc.)

Book – Vulture View (Amazon)
Phonics – “V says v,v,v,v,v,vulture… I do not have much culture.”Preschools Daycare Brentwood Oakley Martinez 94513 94561 94553
Rhyme – Peter Piper
Art – Vultures
Science – Exploring Sink/Float with Vegetables
Music – The Farmer in the Dell

Vulture View Read Aloud

Tuesday – Planting/ Family Breakfast & PJ Day

How you can participate: Plant a vegetable seed in some dirt (outside in a garden or inside a cup in your windowsill).  Help your child to water each day and see how it grows!  Wear your PJ’s to school and join us for our Monthly Family Breakfast. 

Book – Do You Know Which One Will Grow?
Action – Scarves with music
Art – Vegetable Collage
Math – Sorting/counting veggies
Music – Number Rock

Do You Know Which One Will Grow? Read Aloud

Wednesday – Vegetables

How you can participate: Plant vegetable seeds with your child and watch them grow.ASL V vulture

Book – The Vegetable Group (Amazon)
Phonics – “V says v,v,v,v,v,vulture… I do not have much culture.”
Rhyme – Peter Piper
Art – Broccoli prints
Science – Vegetable Taste Test
Music – Shake my Sillies out


Thursday– Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers

How you can participate: Take turns naming things that start with “p”…or make up silly words. Instead of sit on the chair, make it “sit on the pair”.

Book –  That’s What Vegetables Do (Amazon)
Large Muscle Skills – Bean Bags
Art – Pepper Prints
Science – Exploring and Counting Seeds
Music – The Boogie Walk

Friday: Cinco De Mayo

How you can participate: Count to 5 in Spanish with your child.

Book – Rah, Rah Radishes! (Amazon)
Large Muscle Skills – Bean Bags
Art – Sombrero’s
Cooking- Quesidilla’s
Music –Sambalele Song

Rah, Rah Radishes! Read Aloud

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