This Land is Your Land

Weekly Activities: USA
July 4-8, 2022

Here are activities that your child may participate in this week.

The Night Before Summer Vacation Read Aloud

Monday– Closed for 4th of July

Tuesday– U.S.A

How you can participate: Have your child come to school wearing red, white & blue.

Book – 4th of July Mice (Amazon Book)
Art – Shaving cream Fireworks
Engineering – Build a flag
Music – This Land is your Land

Wednesday – We All Live Together

How you can participate: Share a story with your child  that is special to your family’s culture.

Book – Summer
Parachute – red, white, and blue items
Art – American Flags
Math – 4th of July BINGO
Music – The World is a Rainbow

Thursday– Watermelon: A Slice of Summer

How you can participate: Offer your child yummy watermelon treats for dessert.

Book – Drummer Hoff
Art – Paper Plate Watermelons
Math – Watermelon Math activity
Music – Rockin’ in the USA

Friday– Parades

How you can participate: Extend our parade to home by having your child make music with items around the house… grab a pot and a spoon!

Book – One Hot Summer Day
Activity – Music Parade
Art – USA Headbands
Science – Mint Firework Experiment
Music – Mr. Sun


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