This Land is Your Land

Weekly Activities: USA
June 29-July 3, 2020

Here are activities that your child may participate in this week.

The Night Before Summer Vacation Read Aloud

Monday – Parades

How you can participate: Extend our parade to home by having your child make music with items around the house… grab a pot and a spoon!

Book – One Hot Summer Day
Activity – Music Parade
Art – USA Headbands
Science – Mint Firework Experiment
Music – Mr. Sun

Tuesday – U.S.A

How you can participate: Have your child come to school wearing red, white & blue.

Book – 4th of July Mice (Amazon Book)
Art – Shaving cream Fireworks
Engineering – Build a flag
Music – This Land is your Land

Wednesday – We All Live Together

How you can participate: Share a story with your child  that is special to your family’s culture.

Book – Summer
Parachute – red, white, and blue items
Art – American Flags
Math – 4th of July BINGO
Music – The World is a Rainbow

Thursday– Watermelon: A Slice of Summer

How you can participate: Offer your child yummy watermelon treats for dessert.

Book – Drummer Hoff
Art – Paper Plate Watermelons
Math – Watermelon Math activity
Music – Rockin’ in the USA

Friday– Closed for 4th of July


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