Celebrating Spring

Sunshine House Preschool Celebrating All Things Spring

Weekly Activities April 5-9, 2021

Preschool teachers will be leading spring activities for your child in Brentwood, Oakley and Martinez this week.  We have preschool activity suggestions for you to also try out at home.

Monday – Celebrating All Things Spring

How you can participate: Take a walk with your child, point out all the signs of spring in nature.

Book – Abracadabra, it’s Spring (Amazon)spring preschool little bunny
Action – Pass the Flower
Art – Button Snails
Science & Math – Plant a Number Line
Music – Finger Poppin’

Abracadabra, It’s Spring Read Aloud

Spring Activities

Tuesday – Little Bunny Foo-Foo

How you can participate: Sing “Little Bunny Foo-Foo” with your child.

Book – Little Bunny Foo-Foo (Amazon)
Action – Magic Blanket
Art – Bunny Hats
Critical Thinking – Bunny Says
Music – Bunny Hop

Bunny Activities

Little Bunny Foo Foo Video

Wednesday – Shape: Oval

How you can participate: Time for a shape hunt looking for ovals around the house.

Book – Brown Rabbits Shape Book (Amazon)brown rabit shape book
Action – Body Ovals
Art – Oval Printing
Science – Sandy Ovals
Music – Green Grass

Oval Activities

Thursday – Flowers and Gardens

How you can participate: Plant a seed or garden with your child. Have them help to care for it daily.

preschool boys decorating easter egg cookies brentwood ca daycare 94513

Book – Jack’s Garden (buy on Amazon)
Action – Pin the pedal on the flower
Art – Tissue Paper Flowers
Science – Planting Flowers
Music – Animal Action

Flower Activities

Friday – Number 9 & Pajama Day

How you can participate: Throughout the weekend have your child find 9 toys, 9 pairs of socks, 9 napkins, and so on. Remember to wear your PJ’s.

Book – If You’re Happy and You Know It (Amazon)
Action – Copy Cat with #9
Art – Caterpillars with 9 pom poms
Math – Number Cube Counting
Music – Simon Says


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