Purrfect Pets

Weekly Newsletter: Purrfect Pets
July 31-August 4, 2023

Here are samples of activities that your child may be participating in this week.

Monday – Opposites: More/Less

How you can participate: At home, you can quantify more and less by counting items, such as marbles or fruit.

Book – Children Make Terrible Pets (Amazon Book)
Action – Magic Blanket
Art – Paper plate birds
Math – Weighing/classifying items
Music – Animal Action

Tuesday – Pet Picture Share Day

How you can participate: Talk about the different types of pets and say their names in Spanish. (i.e. Cat/Gato, Dog/Perro, Fish/Pez…)

Book – Hooray for Veterinarians
Large Motor – Puppy Dog turn around
Art – Pet Rocks
Science – Tasting Party (pet foods)
Music – Animal Homes

Wednesday – Hey, Diddle, Diddle

How you can participate: Recite the rhyme at home and talk about real and pretend. “Can a cow jump over the moon?”, “Can a cat play the fiddle?” See what your child’s thoughts are.

Book – The Best Pet of All
Rhyme – Hey Diddle, Diddle
Art – Dish and spoon art
Science/Math – Sensory Exploration: Moon Sand
Music – Copy Cat

Thursday – If You Give a Dog a Donut

How you can participate: Talk with your child about the different items that animals eat. Rabbits eat carrots and lettuce, Cats eat tuna, Dogs eat bones, etc…

Book – If you Give a Dog a Donut (Read Aloud)
Action – Beanbags
Art – Paint a donut
Math – Donut Sprinkle Counting activity
Music – Bendable Stretchable

Friday – Hooray for Fish!

How you can participate: Go over where fish live and see what colors, your child may think, that fish can be.

Book – Not Norman
Rhyme – Hey, Diddle, Diddle
Art – Fork fish
Numbers – Alphabet Matching
Music – Ocean Friends


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