Letter U: Unicorn / Fantasy

U- Unicorn & Fantasy Weekly Activities
April 15-19, 2024

Here are samples of preschool activities related to unicorns & fantasy that your child may be participating in this week.  Click on the image below for the U ASL video. unicorn week 2 preschool girls and teacher dressed in fantasy clothes

Monday – Letter: Long “U”

How you can participate: Creating stories with your toddler or preschooler helps increase their vocabulary and lets their imagination soar! Help your child start out a story, “Once Upon a Time….”

Book – Into the Castle (Amazon)
Phonics – “U says u,u,u,u, unicorn…On my head, I have a horn.”
Art – Handprint Unicorns
Science – Magic Crystal Paintings
Music – Friendly Giant

Unicorn Steam Activities

Tuesday – Opposites: Real/Pretend

How you can participate: Play a game of “is it real or pretend?” with your child.

Book – The Poombah of Badoombah (Amazon)preschool children working with shape art
Action – Real/Pretend Magic Blanket
Art – Dragons
Science/Math – Cooking Secret Solution
Music – Mirror, Mirror

Going On a Dragon Hunt Yoga

Wednesday – The Wizard, The Fairy & The Magic Chicken

How you can participate: Our number this month is nine. Have your preschooler practice counting nine objects throughout the month.

Book – The Wizard, the Fairy and the Magic Chicken (Amazon)
Phonics – “U says u,u,u,u, unicorn…On my head, I have a horn.”preschool girl happily involved in cooking project brentwood ca 94513
Art – Fairy Wands
Math & Science – Magic Magnetic Slime
Music – Seasonal Songs in Motion – Green Grass

Thursday- Jack & The Beanstalk

How you can participate: Plant bean seeds in a cup with dirt with your child.  Leave near a window and watch you quickly they grow.

Book – Uni the Unicorn (Amazon)
Rhyme – Old King Cole
Art – Beanstalk Painting
Engineering – Pass the Queen’s Jewels
Music – Kids In Motion: Animal Action

Friday – Number 9

How you can participate: Take a walk through a local park or your neighborhood and count along the way.

Book – If You’re Happy and You Know It (Amazon)
Action – What to recycle
Art – Number 9 Collage
Math – Number Cube Counting
Music – Simon Says

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