Letter U: Ugly Duckling/ Our Earth

Weekly Newsletter U- Ugly Duckling  / Our Earth

April 22-26, 2024

Here are samples of activities that your child may be participating in this week.  Click on the photo below for the link to our U ASL video.preschool boy holding a duckling he made at art

Monday – Letter: Short “U”/Earth Day

How you can participate: Start a story and see if your child can finish it. “Once there were 2 ducks and their names were…” (let your child fill this in).

Book – Have You Seen My Duckling? (Amazon)
Rhyme – Humpty Dumpty
Art – Feathers on a Duck
Engineering/Science – Which Egghead is Ahead
Music – Burl Ives Little White Duck

Duck Activities

Have You Seen My Duckling Read Aloud

Tuesday – Humpty Dumpty Day

How you can participate: Recite the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty” with your child.

Book – Rosemary Wells Max’s Chocolate Chicken
Phonics – “U says u,u,u,u, ugly duckling…I’m no real, ugly duckling.”
Art – Broken Humpty Dumpty
Science – Humpty Dumpty Experiment
Music – 5 Little Ducks

Humpty Dumpty Activities

Max’s Chocolate Chicken Read Aloud

Wednesday – Ugly Hat Day

How you can participate: Have your child make an ugly hat at home and wear to school.

Book – Hooray for Hat (Amazon)
Action – Pass the Hat
Art – Making Hats
Math – Weighing and Classifying eggs
Music – Green Grass Grew All Around

Hat Activities

Hooray For Hat Read Aloud

Thursday – Egg Tasting

How you can participate: How about breakfast for dinner tonight?  Have your child help you crack and stir the eggs.   

Book – Big Egg (Amazon)
Phonics – “U says u,u,u,u, ugly duckling…I’m no real, ugly duckling.”
Art – Pom Pom painting eggs
Science – Egg Taste Test
Music – Greg & Steve The Number Game

Egg activities

Big Egg Read Aloud

Friday – Arbor Day

How you can participate: Have your child help to water any trees and plants at home.

Book – Earth Day Birthday (Amazon)
Action – Trash in the Basket
Art – Sponge painting apples on a tree
Science – Pollution Pond
Music – Hokey Pokey

Earth Day Activities

Earth Day Birthday Read Aloud

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