Letter Q: Quail

Weekly Newsletter: Q- Quail / Potatoes
March 8 – 12, 2021

Quail – Here are samples of activities that your child may be participating in this week.

Monday – “Q” Quail

How you can participate: Play a game of “follow the Mommy Quail” with your child (follow the leader). preschool boy with st patricks day glasses photo opTake turns being the Mommy.

Book – Agnes the Eggless Quail (Amazon)
Phonics – “Q says q,q,q,q,q,q, quail…I have long feathers on my tail”
Art – Cupcake liner Quail
Math – Quarter Toss
Music – Animal Action

Agnes the Eggless Quail

Quail Activities

Tuesday – Potato Tasting

How you can participate: Make potatoes for dinner. You could make them in a whole new way for your child to try.

Book – Jamie O’Rourke and the Big Potato (Amazon)
Action – Bean bag Hot Potato
Art – Potato stamp printing
Science/Graphing – Potato Tasting
Music – Hokey Pokey

Jamie O’Rourke and the Big Potato Read Aloud

Wednesday – Color: Green

How you can participate: Have your child find something green in the closet to wear to school today.

Book – Good Luck Bear (Amazon)
Phonics – “Q says q,q,q,q,q,q, quail…I have long feathers on my tail”
Art – Q-tip painting
Cognitive – Match the green
Music – Hand Jive

Good Luck Bear Read Aloud

Thursday – Lucky Potato Planting

How you can participate:  Get out the paint and help your child decorate a potato head !

Book – The Enormous Potato (Amazon)
Action – Musical Instruments
Art – Bell Pepper Prints
Science – Potato Planting and Potato exploration
Music- I like potatoes

The Enormous Potato Read Aloud

Friday – Number 8

How you can participate: When it’s time to clean up have your child count to 8 over and over until all the toys are put away.

Book – Splish Splash Spring (Amazon)
Phonics – “R says, r,r,r,r, rattlesnake…You will find me at the lake”
Art – Number 8
Large Motor/Math – 2,4,6,8!
Music – Bounce your Knees

Splish Splash Spring Read Aloud

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