Mothers & Babies

Weekly Activities Mothers & Babies/ Teacher Appreciation Week
May 6-10, 2024

Here are samples of activities that your child may be participating in this week.

Monday– Farm Babies

How you can participate: See how many farm animals your child can name.

Book – Johnathan and His Mommy (Amazon)
Rhythm Sticks
Art – Baby Lamb
Math/Science- Sticky Lamb
Music – The Farmer In the Dell

Johnathan and his mommy Read Aloud

Tuesday– Number 10

How you can participate: Our number this month is ten. Have your child practice counting ten objects or repeat the nursery rhyme “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe”.

Book – My Farm Friends (Amazon)
Action – Rock a bye Baby game
Art – Number collage
Math – Number Tower
Music – Little Baby

My Farm Friends Read Aloud

Wednesday – Boss Babies/Family Breakfast & PJ Day

How you can participate: Play “boss baby” with your child: Wah-wah…I want milk now! Read me a story! Get my pillow! Your child will need to run around meeting your demands. Take turns being the baby.  Join us for our monthly family breakfast and remember to wear your PJ’s to school !

Book – Princess Baby (Amazon)
Action – Parachute
Art – Finger Paint with baby food
Science & Graphing – Baby Food Taste Test
Music – Number Rock

Princess Baby Read Aloud

Thursday– Pet Babies

How you can participate: Name different animals and have your child tell you the name of their baby (bear/cub, dog/puppy).

Book – Cows in the Kitchen (Amazon)
Alphabet Farm Cards
Art – Dalmatian Puppy
Social Skills – “Being Gentle” activity
Music – Bringing Home a baby bumblebee

Cows in the Kitchen Read Aloud

Friday – Baby Safety

How you can participate: Get a doll and container or water and show your child how to safely wash a baby.  if you give a pig a party

Book – If You Give a Pig a Party (Amazon)
Action – Magic Blanket with baby items
Art – Mother’s Day Poem
Sensory – Baby Care Exploration
Music – Hush Little Baby

If You Give a Pig a Party Read Aloud

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