May Newsletter

We have some fantastic activities planned for this “Merry Month of May” to stimulate your child’s development. We encourage you to contribute books or other items that you have to supplement our themes.

Click on the weekly links below for additional details on daily activities.

April 29-May 3 Our letter of the week is V-Vulture, I do not have much culture.

We will also be learning about vegetables this week. Monday we will be talking about the letter “V”. Tuesday we will be focusing on pastels our colors of the month. Wednesday we will be learning about all the benefits of vegetables. Thursday we will be saying (or at least trying to) the rhyme Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers. Friday we will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

May 6-10 is Teacher Appreciation Week
We will have a Way to Go! board for you to be able to offer written thanks for things you appreciate about our teachers. As at Christmas time, we will have a tip jar at the parent desk for you to contribute to a staff team building activity. We always appreciate your generous gifts, but contributions are totally voluntary!

May 6-10 We will be learning about how mother animals care for their babies this week.

On Monday, we will talk about Pet Babies and Tuesday, about Farm Babies. Wednesday we will be reading the book Boss Baby, a story about a family working around the whims of a baby. Thursday is our annual Mother’s Day Tea. Friday is Baby Safety Day. Friday is also Family Breakfast & PJ Day, where you are invited to join us for free breakfast in the morning with your child. We look forward to sharing a homemade breakfast with you!

Mother’s Day Tea, Thursday, May 9th
Our Mother’s Day Tea is from 3-5:30 p.m. We welcome all moms (or other important females) to come and celebrate with us. We will have a special craft, snack and photo op for you to enjoy.

May 13-17 Our letter of the week is W-Ewe, growing wool is what I do.

We will also be talking about other farm animals this week. Monday we will introduce the letter “W”. Tuesday we will be singing and acting out the nursery rhyme Mary Had a Little Lamb. Tuesday is also our monthly luncheon. This month’s theme is a “Down on the Farm”. Sign-ups will be posted for you to be able to contribute something. No lunch boxes! We will be learning about wool on Wednesday when everyone is encouraged to share something made of wool. Thursday is Farmers & Tractors Day. Friday is An Oink, Oink Here Day, when we will sing our favorite farm song!

May 20-24 Our letter of the week is W-Worm, I can dance and do the squirm.

And how could we learn about worms without exploring mud, too? Monday we will be talking about the letter “W”. Tuesday is Dirt! Day and everyone is encouraged to share dirt. That’s right, a Baggie of dirt. Wednesday we will be using the dirt to make mud pies. Thursday we will be setting up a worm village where we can watch worms recycle food leftovers. Friday we will be developing our science skills as we study composting.

May 27-May 31 Our letter of the week is X – as in Fox, my pretty tail is like your locks!

We will also be doing a unit on boxes. Monday we are closed in observance of Memorial Day. Tuesday we will be talking about the letter “X” as well as exploring the Dr. Seuss book Fox in Socks. Wednesday we will be Building with Boxes. Everyone is encouraged to bring in a box. Thursday we will be putting on our tool belts and getting to work as we learn about construction workers. Friday we will be doing activities about Bridges, Roads and Tunnels.

Closed Memorial Day, Mon., May 27th

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