January Preschool Newsletter

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CLOSED Friday, December 31st

January 3-7 Our letter of the week is I- Ibis, in my eye, see my iris?!  We will also be talking about the winter season. Monday we will be talking about the letter long “I”. Tuesday we are talking about clothing that is appropriate on these cold, wet days. Wednesday is Sunshine House’s birthday! We will have many birthday party activities set up for the children to enjoy.   Thursday is Opposite Day: Wet/Dry.  Friday we will be highlighting the nursery rhyme It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, it is also our monthly PJ day.


January 10-14 Our letter of the week is I-Iguana, I would like a banana. Monday we will talking about the short letter “I”. Tuesday is Leapin’ Lizards Day when we will talk about lizards and camouflage. Wednesday is Diamond Day; we will be exploring our shape of month.  Thursday we will be focusing on our number for the month, 6/six (seis in Spanish). Friday, is I have a dream day. We will be talking about our dreams and how we can go about realizing them.

January 17-21 J-Jaybird, I talk until I am heard. We will be closed Monday to Observe Martin Luther King’s birthday. Tuesday will be learning about the letter J. Wednesday we will introduce the song, Sing a Song of Sixpence.  Thursday we will be talking about the nursey rhythm Jack and Jill. Friday is Jellybean Day when we will count, sort, taste and explore Jellybeans.


January 24-28 K-Kangaroo, you will find me at the zoo. This is going to be a “K” Krazy Week.  Monday, we will focus on the letter “K”, our letter of the week. Tuesday we will be discussing the color blue and learning the nursery rhythm Little Boy Blue. Wednesday is Pouches & Pockets. Thursday is a Krazy Hair Day. Friday is Krazy Socks & Shoes Day; a day when it’s fun to wear two different socks and shoes.

Holidays for the next 6 months:
Martin Luther King, Jr., Monday Jan 17th
President’s Day, Monday, Feb 21st
Memorial Day, Monday, May 3oth

Have a Jubilant January!






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