Iguana & Lizards

Weekly Newsletter: Iguana & Lizards
Week January 8-12, 2024

Here are samples of activities that your child may be participating in this week.

Monday – Short letter “I”

Parent as Teacher: Talk with your child about camouflage and how different animals can use this tool.

Book – Let’s Look at Iguanas (Lerner Books)
Phonics – “I says, I,I,I,I, iguana….I would like a banana”
Art – I – Iguana
Science – Iguana Eggs
Music – Boom, Boom

Tuesday- Leapin’ Lizards

Parent as Teacher: Help your child look for something to bring to school that starts with a letter “I” or some type of reptile they can share at group time.

Book – Listen and Learn (Amazon)
Action – Scarves
Art – Lizard prints
Gross Motor – Leapin’ Lizard Jumping
Music – Simon Says

Wednesday – Shape: Diamond

Parent as Teacher: Search for Diamond shapes on the way to school.

Book -Listen and Learn

Action – Feely Box- blue things
5 Little iguanas Fingerplay
Music – Robin in the Rain or On the Move

Thursday- Number 6

Parent as Teacher: While getting ready in the morning have your child count to six.

Book – Pete the Cat, Rockin’ in my School Shoes (Amazon)
Rhyme- Sing a Song of Sixpence
Art – Marble Painting “6”
Gross Motor – Moving to Number 6
Music – Hand Jive

Pete the Cat, Rockin’ in My School Read Aloud

Pete the Cat, Rockin’ in My School Shoes activities

Friday- Color: Blue/ Nursery Rhyme: Little Boy Blue

Parent as Teacher: Have your child wear something blue to school today.

Book – Animals should definitely not wear clothing (Simon&Schuster)
Rhyme – Little Boy Blue
Art – Blue Haystacks
Fine Motor – Blue Collage
Music – What will we do

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