G: Giraffe & Animals of the Savanna

Sunshine House Preschool & Daycare

Weekly Newsletter: Giraffe/Animals of the Savanna Week
November 18 – 22, 2019

Here are samples of activities that your child may be participating in this week.

Monday – Letter “G” Giraffes

How you can participate: Have your child bring something that starts with a letter “G” for them to share or an animal that lives on the Savanna to share all week.

Books – Laughing Giraffe
Action – G Cards
Art – Water Color a Giraffe
Letter Recognition – Parachute Letters
Music – Going to the Zoo

Tuesday – Shape: Square & Color: Brown

How you can participate: Play a game of “I Spy a Square” with your child.

Books – Brown, seeing brown all around us
Phonics – “G says g,g,g,g,g, giraffe… my long neck gives me a laugh.”
Art – Finger-paint Brown
Engineering – Block Challenge
Music – Trip to the zoo

Wednesday – Opposites: Up and Down

How you can participate: Practice putting things, in the house, up and down.

Books – Perfect Square
Action – Letters in corn meal
Art – Pipe cleaner snakes
Science – G taste test
Music – Jumping with variation

Thursday – Savanna Habitat

How you can participate: Talk about what animals can be found on the Savanna with your child.

Books – We all went on Safari
Phonics – “G says g,g,g,g,g, giraffe… my long neck gives me a laugh.”
Art – Lion Heads
Science – Capillary Action Experiment
Music – Bean Bag Boogie

Friday – Opposites: Long / Short

How you can participate: Wherever you are compare things that are long and short.

Books – Water Hole Waiting
Action – Giraffe Facts
Art – Long and Short Tiger Stripes
Math/Science – Measure items with a tape measure; compare long/short
Music – Opposites



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