W- Ewe / Farm Animals

Weekly Activities: Ewe /Farm Animals
May 15-19, 2023

Here are sample activities that your child may be participating in this week. Click on the “W” pic below for the link to our ASL video.

Monday – Letter: “W” & Pastel Day

How you can participate: Take a *walk* looking for things that start with the letter *w*.  Wear pastel-colored clothing to school.

boy on a bikeBook – No Sleep For Sheep (Amazon)
Action – Body W’s
Art – Fingerpaint Patel’s
Science/Math – W is for Wagon Wheel
Music – Old McDonald’s Farm

No Sleep For Sheep Read Aloud


Tuesday – Mary Had a Little Lamb

How you can participate: Sing the nursery rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb” with your child.

W as in Ewe ASL

W, as in ewe, growing wool is what I do

Book – Mary Had a Little LAMP (Amazon)
Phonics – “W says w,w,w,w,w,w, ewe….Growing wool is what I do.”
Art – Cotton Ball Lambs
Science – Farm Taste Test
Music – If you’re happy and you know it

Wednesday – Wool

How you can participate: Help your child find something made of wool.

Book – Jobs on a Farm (Amazon)
Rhyme – Mary Had a Little Lamb
Art –Yarn stamping
Math – W is for Weight
Music – The Farmer In the Dell

Thursday – Farmers & Tractors

How you can participate: Time for a scavenger hunt in your kitchen. Help your child to find foods that come from the farm.

Book – Road Builders (Amazon)
Phonics – “W says w,w,w,w,w,w, ewe….Growing wool is what I do.”
Art – Tractor Painting
Science – Popcorn and Milk Experiment
Music – Down on the Farm

Road Builders Read Aloud

Friday – An Oink, Oink Here

How you can participate: Sing “Old McDonald Had a Farm” with your child. You can take turns naming animals that are on the farm.big pig on a dig farm animals w as in ewe

Book – Big Pig on a Dig (Amazon)
Action – Pin the nose on the pig
Art – Paper plate Pigs
Science – Feed the Pig
Music – Did you feed my cow?

Big Pig on a Dig Read Aloud

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