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Weekly Newsletter: E-Eel/ Fall Changes
October 17-21, 2022

Here are samples of activities that your child may be participating in this week.

Monday – Long Letter E

How you can participate: Review the rhyme “eeny, meeny, miney, mo” pointing out the matching sound Eel Fall changes Preschools Daycare Brentwood Oakley Martinez 94513 94561 94553of the long “e” sound, as in eel.

Books – Ellie and Ollie Eel
Phonics – “ E say e,e,e,e,e,e, eel… I like to fish for a meal.”
Art – Watercolor eel
Fine Motor – Eel Transfer
Music – Ocean Friends

Tuesday – Leaf Day

How you can participate: Have your child help you rake up some leaves; and then jump in!

Books – Leaf Man
Action – Share leaves; discuss color, size, and shape
Body “E’s”
Art – Fall Trees
Math – Graphing & Classifying Leaves
Music – Sillie Willies

Wednesday – Scarecrow Day

How you can participate:  Head to the pumpkin patch and see how many scarecrows you can find.

Books – Moray Eels and Cleaner Shrimp work together
Phonics – “ E say e,e,e,e,e,e, eel… I like to fish for a meal.”
Art – Paper-plate Scarecrow
Math – Sorting and Patterns with beans and seeds
Music – Movin’ Everyday

Thursday – Apple Harvest Day

How you can participate: Your child will love cooking an apple treat with you at home.

Books – The Apple Pie Tree (Amazon)
Action – “Hot Apple” (like hot potato)
Art – Apple
Math and Science – Apple Taste Test – graphing
Music – Sitting in a Tree

Friday- Colors: Orange & Black 

How you can participate: Be sure to wear the colors orange and black to school today.

Books – Count Down To Fall
Phonics – “E say e,e,e,e,e,e, eel… I like to fish for a meal.”
Art – Orange & Black Hat
Science – Electric Eels Experiment
Music – Spooky Walk

Eel facts for kids
  • True eels are teleost fish.
  • Eels have fewer fins than other fish.
  • The shoulder bones are separate from the skull.
  • Eels hatch from eggs.

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