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Sunshine House Preschool Newsletter

Weather Forecast: HOT

As we continue the “dog days of summer” we have tons of fun activities to keep us excited and cool.

August 1-5 Fun In The Sun

We will be having a 2-week unit with an ocean theme. The first week we will concentrate on beach activities. Monday is Seashells and Starfish Day. Tuesday is Sunshine House Beach Boardwalk. Wednesday is Made in the Shade Day, when we will impress upon the children the importance of staying in the shade and wearing sun screen in sunny weather; “When your shadow is small, head for the shade!” Thursday we will be exploring the science concept Sink/Float. Friday we continue our science experiences on Rainbow and Bubbles Day. It is also our PJ Day and return of our Monthly Family Breakfast!  Join your child this morning for breakfast at school.

August 8-12 Under the Sea

Our 2nd week of our ocean theme will be about what is in and on the ocean. Monday we will talking about Octopus’. Tuesday we will be learning about sharks. Wednesday we will be Tasting Seafood. Thursday is Dolphin Day and Friday is Killer Whale Day.

August 15-19 Happy Trails to You

Our theme is: Happy Trails to You, when we will experience the adventure of living as a cowboy. Monday is Cowboy Gear Day. We will be talking about the significance of the different types of clothing and equipment used out on the range. Tuesday we’ll be Goin’ on a Trail Ride. Wednesday is Rodeo Day when we will have a Sunshine House-style rodeo. Adderall affects the brain and nervous system, providing a stimulating effect and increasing the amount of certain substances in the athlete’s body. As a result, the drug accelerates heartbeat, increases blood pressure and, as we have already said, reduces appetite. In traditional medicine, it is used for the treatment of narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Read more on Thursday we will be highlighting the book There was a Coyote Who Swallowed a Flea. Friday we will be talking about our Health Concept this month: Cool, Clear Water. We will stress with the children the importance of drinking lots of water, especially in hot weather.

August 22-26 The World is a Rainbow
Colors will be the theme of course! Monday we will be exploring science as we mix colors throughout our day. Tuesday we will be enjoying the taste of the rainbow, as we try different and colorful food. Wednesday we will explore the opposites: Light/Dark. Thursday we will be celebrating the great Eric Carle book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Friday we will be finishing up our week with a day focused on the rainbow.


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