April Preschool Calendar

april preschool calendar
Sunshine House Preschool April Newsletter & Calendar

Hooray, April is finally here! This month at Preschool we will be celebrating the fine weather and talking about nature and things that grow this month. Please bring items that you have to share with us each week.

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April 3-7 Our letter of the week T-Toad, I like to hop on the road!

We will also be introducing turtles and tadpoles and all things that start with the letter T. Monday we will be talking about the letter T. Tuesday we will learning the rhyme 5 Green and Speckled Frogs. Wednesday we will be talking about tadpoles and the lifecycle of frogs. Thursday we will be doing all things turtles! Friday we will be learning about life in the pond.  Friday is also our monthly Family Breakfast and PJ Day!

April 10-14 We will be Celebrating All Things Spring this week.

Monday, we will introduce the Spring season. Tuesday is Little Bunny Foo-Foo Day, when we will be singing and acting act this fun rhyme. Wednesday we will be focusing on our shape of the month: the oval. Thursday we will be exploring Flowers & Gardens. Friday we will explore our color of the month: Purple.

April 17-21 Our letter of the week is U-Unicorn, on my head I have a horn!

Make-believe is a difficult concept for preschoolers, particularly since many children spend a substantial amount of time watching TV. On Monday, we will introduce the letter: long “U”. Tuesday is Opposites Day: Real and Pretend. Wednesday we will be reading and doing activities related to the book The Wizard, the Fairy & the Magic Chicken. Thursday we will be learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Friday we will be celebrating our earth, for Earth day.

April 24-28 Our letter of the week is U-Ugly Duckling, I’m no real ugly duckling.

preschool activities ugly ducklingMonday we will be talking about our letter of the week: the short “U” as well as Earth Day. Tuesday we will be focusing on the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty. Wednesday is Ugly Hat Day when everyone is encouraged to wear a really ugly hat. Thursday we will be having an egg-tasting party. Friday we will be doing activities to learn about and show appreciation for our trees as we celebrate Arbor Day and also learn about the number 9.


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