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Why Are Preschool Parents Raving
About Sunshine House Day Care?

We are passionate about children succeeding in their lives now and as they move on into elementary school. Just as you, our parents (in Brentwood, Oakley, and Martinez, CA) consider their children to be their most prized asset and have taken the time to search out the best. Being excellent in caring for your preschool-aged child is our sole focus! All of our children have successfully entered kindergarten with flying colors…here’s why parents are raving about us:

Combined Learning Theories

Come in and see why Sunshine House Preschools have won “Best of” Awards! Your child will enjoy top preschool program that uses the best of many learning theories, developed over 35 years of experience, a Montessori Blend and including Handwriting Without Tears…but, most importantly we have passionate, attentive teaching professionals that make learning accessible. We are the only preschool that can boast an astonishing average preschool teacher tenure of 10 years! That is a critical feature of consistency and quality, so important in your child’s care.

Mixed Age Learning

Your child will be placed in a group, not by age, but by developmental level, for optimum learning. Your child will have the opportunity to interact with all ages of preschool children (2-5 years), benefiting from mixed-age groups. See our Mixed-Age Learning page. We are the only childcare program to offer this type of preschool learning, that allows your child to develop at a faster, individualized pace in a Montessori Blend Program.

Balanced Program

Your child will have the perfect balance of teacher-lead learning (rich in structure and preschool content in areas your child might not have experience in) and free choice of other well thought-out academic activities (children love to learn in areas their personal development leads them to). In addition to reading books, we are the only preschool program with a literature based learning time, everyday. This way of teaching allows your preschool child to develop a love of reading, while also building skills across the preschool curriculum (math, science, etc.)

Spanish & American Sign Language

We teach spanish words as well as American Sign Language (ASL) for preschoolers. Hearing children learning ASL have proven to have twice the usable vocabulary than non-signing children. They can spell before they are able to write. ASL is stored in a separate part of the brain than spoken words and enhances memory and recall. It will increase your preschool child’s IQ and both small and large muscle skills.

#1 in Safety & Cleanliness

We have the safest and cleanest daycare centers. We sanitize twice daily to provide the cleanest learning environment for your child. We have an impeccable safety record. We serve a hot breakfast and snacks that are comprised of grains and fresh fruits and vegetables appropriate for preschool children.

Our Benefits


  • With 35 years of experience, you will be secure and have peace of mind knowing your child is in the hands of child care experts. We are not beginners!
  • We are only closed usual “bank” holidays. Other schools are closed for extra days/weeks…check before you enroll. We are open when you need us!
  • Flexible attendance and payment schedules to meet your families specific and changing child care needs. We know life can get crazy…we’re scheduling ninjas!
  • Progress Assessment every 6 months so you know exactly where your preschool child stands developmentally.
  • Published Learning Goals for each preschool year (See Forms Page) so you know where your child is headed. We give guidance for you to assist your child’s development at home.
  • Toddler Program, Including Toilet Learning…you, are not alone! We have 35 years of experience in this area! We teach earlier and faster!!
  • Preschool Program for 3-year-olds
  • Kindergarten Readiness Program for 4-5-year-olds so you won’t have to worry about your child being ready for elementary school assessment. As a Sunshine House preschool graduate, your child will be recognized as an advanced learner when they start kindergarten.
  • All Day Preschool Program to fully meet your needs and peace of mind no matter what your daily childcare needs.
  • We have a specific literacy-based learning time in our daycare schedule, that explores books across the curriculum. We have specialized relationship training so your child will feel comfortable and be able to express themselves with adults and children. Handwriting Without Tears program will give your child the lead in being able to write, and enjoy it! We have also incorporated the Math and Language components of the Handwriting Without Tears Get Ready For School Curriculum.

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