Your 3 Year Old

3 Year-old Preschool Learning Goals

These are our goals for your 3-year-old. You can expect that most will be attained, but we must allow for variations in individual growth. Your child may not fully master an item or two and they may surge ahead in other areas. You will receive evaluation of your child’s progress at 3.5 and 4.0 years.


Social/Emotional Development (3s)

Accepts changes in daily schedule.
Demonstrates appropriate trust in adults.
Asserts own needs.
Feels good about self & abilities.
Chooses and becomes involved in one activity out of several.
Participates in group & gets along with others.
Appropriately expresses negative & positive feelings.
Begins to understand that problems can be solved by talking.
Begins learning the give & take of play.
Respects own property & that of others.
Identifies expressions of basic feelings (happy/sad).
Aware of the feelings of other children.
Works cooperatively with adults.
Asks for help when needed.
Follows classroom rules, with reminders.
Accepts compromise when suggested by teacher.
Handles materials & animals appropriately.


Physical Development (3s)

Hops on 1 foot 2 or more times.
Catches a ball from 5-8 foot distance with arms & chest.
Throws a ball with accuracy 4-6 foot distance.
Builds with blocks.
Moves comfortably through space without frequent accidents.
Safely uses climbing equipment.
Pedals tricycle in forward direction, steering around wide corners.
Balances on either foot.
Walks on balance beam.
Jumps 3 jumps with both feet.
Dresses self & fastens clothing.
Comfortably experiments with play dough.
Places scissors on fingers & holds correctly.
Snips or makes small cuts in paper.
Holds crayon with thumb and first two fingers.
Laces following a sequence of holes.
Copies the following pre-writing marks:
straight line circle cross X diamond

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