Your 2 Year Old

2 Year-old Preschool Learning Goals

These are our goals for your 2-year-old. You can expect that most will be attained, but we must allow for variations in individual growth. Your child may not fully master an item or two and they may surge ahead in other areas. You will receive an evaluation of your child’s progress at 2.5 and 3.0 years.


Social/Emotional Development (2s)

Treats arrival and departure as routine parts of the day.
Demonstrates appropriate trust in adults.
Feels good about self & abilities.
Able to become involved in one activity.
Accepts compromise when suggested by teacher.
Helps put things away.
Understands ownership.
Follows daily routine.


Physical Development (2s)

Catches a rolled ball & rolls it forward.
Climbs up and down.
Claps with music.
Moves through space without frequent accidents.
Paints with a large brush.
Manipulates own clothing.
Manipulates small objects (e.g. strings 5 large beads).
Scribbles with a large crayon.
Experiments with play dough.

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